Hello. This website is nothing more than one person's existence on the great abyss that is the Internet. Here lies a junkyard of material created and accumulated as a result of a decades long e-presence. Yes, long before facebook came into the scene.

The name 'urandom' is in reference to some nerdy UNIX operating system functionality which generates entropy - not unlike the content on this site.

Random Crap

Create a CentOS 6.2 LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server in a matter of minutes!
Accomplish this thanks to a urandom.info ready-made CentOS Anaconda kickstart file, that will have you running a bare-bones CentOS install with just the required components, in minutes!

Picasa3 JQuery/AJAX/JavaScript/'Web 2.0' HTML Export Template
Create an instant awesome looking interactive Photo Gallery/Slider from Picasa3 without having to use Flickr or Picasa Web Albums. Powered by YoxView.

Time-Division LTE
A bunch of technical papers about TD-LTE, which is likely to replace WiMAX over the next couple of years.